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How We Started Our Own Journey

sustainable living

When we first thought about homesteading and growing our own food, we owned 50 acres and our dream house. We had a nice sized garden, horses, cats, dogs, and big dreams. And that was it.

Luckily, reality hit and we realized that in order to make our homesteading dreams come true, our first step would be to downsize. That’s right. Downsize. Dramatically. Long story short, we sold the house and land and moved to another state. We now own 8 acres (half is wooded) and a very humble home. Nothing fancy here.

Anyone Can Have a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Does that mean YOU have to sell and downsize–No. It just means we did. We had decided I was to stay home with our two kids, homeschool, and take my time building a work-at-home career while building our homestead. And we couldn’t be happier with our decision.

However, our approach was dramatic. MOST families choose to stay at their current location and jobs while slowly building their sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. The skills needed to create this simpler way of living are easily learned, practiced, and perfected even while living in the middle of a big city, in a neighborhood, even in an apartment. You DO NOT have to have lots of land, or even a small amount of land. If, over time, you decide your path is leading towards a move, then by all means, move. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking this lifestyle requires country living.

No Two Sustainable Lifestyles Look the Same

In fact, the important thing to remember is that the self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle is more about a mindset of living in a way that is sustainable—meaning, it is a lifestyle that can be repeated on a daily basis while maintaining a healthy quality of life that benefits the body, the soul and the environment. 

And just like each person’s home, each individual’s sustainable lifestyle will look quite differently from the person’s next door. So don’t fall into the trap of thinking sustainable living has to look any certain way. Make the lifestyle your own, with it’s own little quirks and kinks, and you’ll find you’ve created a lifestyle that you never want to leave. 

Part of Sustainable Living is Being Able to Adapt

So take what you find here on our family’s blog and apply those things that appeal to you, ditching the rest. Each of the skills I share are simply what our own family has chosen to learn. But here’s the kicker…

Some years, especially the really crazy ones, we ditch nearly half of our hard earned skills in favor of a more relaxed atmosphere that allows our kiddos and hubby and me to breathe a little easier. 

sustainable living, self sufficiency
We went from a garden with over 100 tomato plants to a much smaller version this previous season.

Just this past year I completely tossed the idea of our traditional HUGE garden in favor of EIGHT tomato plants, NINE okra plants, a single, teeny tiny row of cucumbers, and FOUR pepper plants. And WOW! What a difference that made during an intense summer of increasing our bee yard three fold as we build the honey bee side of our home based business ventures. 

A Sustainable Life Should Be Flexible

But this year, I’m already walking the garden space, making my notes, and placing my seed orders, ready to go big yet again. We took a break last year, and boy am I glad we did. It was just we needed. 

And that is sustainable living.

Here’s to learning this sustainable living thing one step at a time,



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