About Our Homestead

mud puddle
Nothing like playing in the mud in our PJs!

Hi! I’m Kristi, and I’m so glad you stopped by! Here at Tender Hearts Homestead we squeal over a hen’s first egg. Get excited over the first asparagus spear. And delight in fresh, from-scratch cooking. Stay a while and I’ll be happy to share with you each new skill, success, and even the failures we encounter as we journey towards our version of a more simple, sustainable lifestyle.

…Oh, and **ahem**…did I mention failures? Yep, there’ve been plenty of those. Family pooch, that would be Jake, escaped from his pen and killed multiple hens in a matter of minutes. Then there’s the smart idea I had of letting the chickens debug our garden—for the entire winter. Come spring, all my perennials were no-shows. And the most disgusting failure was the time I accidentally invited rats to the homestead–but I’ll save you from those details, at least for now.

As you can see, We’ve had to learn a few things the hard way and you will too. However, my goal is to pass along what we’ve learned to help keep your failures to the bare minimum–because it’s those successful things we do that keep us coming back for more!

Always Something Going On!

Whether it’s playing in the mud, chasing critters, or producing the year’s food, we’re always busy here on the homestead. But I’d rather be busy doing the things I love than racing down a busy interstate or making someone else money. It’s a good kind of busy that keeps our minds growing, our wallet a little tighter, our kids closer, and our family tight knit. What could be better than that?

So if you’re eager to learn how to raise your own livestock, produce yummy, golden eggs, raise awe inspiring bees, or produce as much organic fruits and veggies as you can–all while enjoying your day to day life–then you’re in the right place.

So jump right in and don’t worry about getting dirty, knowing you’ll find a richer, more fulfilling life as you too strive for a more simple, more sustainable lifestyle.